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Possession Officer

The Riyadh Metro project is a consortium led by Bechtel which includes Almabani General Contractors, Consolidated Contractors Company and Siemens.

The consortium will be responsible for the design, construction, train cars, signalling, electrification and integration of Lines 1 and 2 of the new Riyadh Metro system.

Line 1 will stretch from north to south across Riyadh, covering 24 miles (38km). It will include 22 stations and four transfer stations where it will connect with other new metro lines. Much of Line 1 will be underground.

In contrast, Line 2 will be built mostly on a raised strip in the median of the planned freeway. This line will run east to west and will extend more than 15.7 miles (25km) with 13 stations and three transfer stations.

The new lines will feature stations powered by renewable energy and fully automatic trains.

The contract is the largest engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract in Bechtel’s history and these lines, along with four others, will form the backbone of Riyadh’s new public transportation network.

The Role


BACS Temporary Operations Possessions Officers are the eyes and ears of the Temporary Operations Team onsite and essential to ensure safe Track access/egress control and the supervision of multiple Work Site Supervisors and workers during their daily trackside worksite activities after first energization of third rail. 


Possession Officers must learn and respect strict operational and safety procedures at all times.


Ultimately multiple Possession Officers will be needed to ensure safe Access and Egress and safety management of activities by work parties on de-energized track and during energized test block train operations for each Traction Power Zone. (Track Possession Area).


Track Possession officers will also partake in onsite train or vehicle movements.


Possession Officer candidates will undertake a thorough training programme in accordance with the BACS Temporary Operations Team Training Matrix to ensure readiness to undertake Possession officer responsibilities and tasks.


Successful completion of this training to the required standard is a pre-requirement prior to undertaking the role of Possession Officer.


Working hours


The scope of work of the Possession Officer will require flexibility to work both day and night shifts of varied durations on site and on or near the Track at stations or onboard trains.


Shift times and duration will vary depending on operational requirements but will generally be of minimum 8 hours and maximum 12 hours.


Possession Officer Trainer & Mentoring functions


Flexibility is essential, and these candidates may also be asked to provide Training and / or other operational support within the Temporary Operations team as requirements dictate.


BACS Temporary Operations Team Possession Officers will report to the BACS Temporary Operations Manager (TOM) however Possession Officers will interface and take instruction from the Route Movement Controller (RMC) who is responsible for the coordination of all track activities in real time.