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Operations & Training Specialist

The Riyadh Metro project is a consortium led by Bechtel which includes Almabani General Contractors, Consolidated Contractors Company and Siemens.

The consortium will be responsible for the design, construction, train cars, signalling, electrification and integration of Lines 1 and 2 of the new Riyadh Metro system.

Line 1 will stretch from north to south across Riyadh, covering 24 miles (38km). It will include 22 stations and four transfer stations where it will connect with other new metro lines. Much of Line 1 will be underground.

In contrast, Line 2 will be built mostly on a raised strip in the median of the planned freeway. This line will run east to west and will extend more than 15.7 miles (25km) with 13 stations and three transfer stations.

The new lines will feature stations powered by renewable energy and fully automatic trains.

The contract is the largest engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract in Bechtel’s history and these lines, along with four others, will form the backbone of Riyadh’s new public transportation network.


General Job Description

Reporting to the Civil Works Joint Venture (CWJV) Operations, Maintenance & Training Manager the position holder will manage a dedicated team who are preparing the training plans and manuals for each of the CWJV asset types (e.g. stations, depots, track, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Tunnel Ventilation). The Employers Requirement mandates that CWJV shall train and qualify key O&M Entity personnel.

The training courses to be delivered by CWJV are summarised in the “O&M Training and Qualification Plan and the training will be based on the following duties that support system availability:

  • Operate
  • Manage
  • Maintain (scheduled maintenance)
  • Diagnose (inspect)
  • Rectify

Maintenance related training includes, inspection, diagnosis, trouble shooting and preventative maintenance techniques. Training will include familiarisation with the relevant pieces of plant, materials and special tools as well as their calibration and storage requirements. Training will comprise of both on-site training and classroom activities.

The work will require coordination with the other RMP Consortia, direct interface with the Employer, Transit Systems (Siemens), design teams, installation subcontractors and equipment suppliers.

O&M Entity personnel will be assessed on their subject knowledge/skills/attitudes and their instructional ability.

Assessments will be Formative (at the end of each activity), Summative (at the end of each module) and Continuous (throughout each activity). The position holder will agree with the O&M a selection of tests and practical exercises which will include pass marks.

The position holder will provide expertise to designers, contractors subcontractors and CWJV staff covering normal, degraded and emergency operations.

The work will also encompass the compilation of the System User Manuals


Position Duties/Responsibilities

  • Develop a training strategy that enables the future O&M to operate the metro, it is essential that the appropriate training licences are in place before opening.
  • Agree with CTMT, RMTC and O&M when key O&M Entity personnel training will commence.
  • Identify the correct level of training and assessment for each role and task at the Training Needs Analysis stage.
  • Conduct formative and summative testing at appropriate stages.
  • Carry out continuous observation of course attendees, particularly during practical activities.
  • Provide group and individual feedback and progress reviews as necessary.
  • Develop plans including a plan definition identifying the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to undertake responsibilities and perform activities.
  • Develop a thorough process and a complete audit trail to provide evidence to support decisions made.
  • In collaboration with the individual CWJV contractors and subcontractors work out the logistics required to complete all training. This includes identifying the location(s) where “keymen” training shall take place, materials & equipment required and a training support manual detailing; system function, system operation and key learning pints.
  • Working with CTMT and RMTC identify the suite of System User Manuals that are required to be provided.
  • Establish a delivery plan for System User Manuals.
  • Engage with CWJV designers, contractors and subcontractors and provide leadership to ensure the complete suite of System User Manuals are developed.
  • Work with CTMT to develop outline rules, policies & procedures to allow the metro to be handed over to the O&M.
  • Provide expertise on operational Hazard Transfers to the O&M
  • Proactively manage actions to optimise O&M processes.
  • Provide advice to the CWJV Assurance team on operational matters.
  • Review adherence to the BACS Contract, relevant legislation, regulations and directives from relevant authorities in relation to safe operation and maintenance of the Metro.
  • Provide input to operational safety risk assessments.
  • Ensure the O&M philosophy and plans support quality of service delivery as defined in CWJV RAM Plans.
  • Ensure System and Operational safety requirements (contract & derived) are adequately captured and addressed, then supported by verification & validation evidence provided by various suppliers.
  • Identify and assist in managing non-compliances to Employer (Contract) Requirements or standards.


Key Outputs

Key to the issue of a trained and competent workforce is the existence and demonstrable application of a training plan. The job holder shall prepare Plans and Procedures to support the Training Activities and the operational activities for the Riyadh Metro, including:

  • Risk based training needs analysis
  • Difficulty Importance and Frequency analysis to enable CWJV to emphasise where training should be delivered and when training is not required.
  • Fidelity analysis demonstrating the extent to which the training environment should replicate the operational environment for training to be effective.
  • Analyse and compare each of the different types of training media available and make an initial filter of suitable media based on relevant and known criteria.
  • Ensure key O&M Entity personnel are assessed and meet the standard required to undertake the responsibilities to train other staff.
  • Operational Staffing Plans (including job profiles).
  • Provide advice on current world’s best practice for Operations.
  • Within the JV’s scope ensure consistency and standardisation of approach across Metro.
  • Provide input to relevant Testing & Commissioning planning.
  • Perform and carry out other duties as instructed / directed by the CWJV Ops, Maintenance &Training Manager.


Position Skills & Experience

  • Proven track record in mainline or metro operations & training.
  • Substantial operational management and/or planning on major mainline rail or metro project(s).
  • Thorough understanding of all aspects of safety issues related to railway or safety critical maintenance regimes.
  • Understanding of railway/metro or similar operational regimes and related operational Management tools / systems (Railplan, Railsys TRUST).
  • Employer / Stakeholder interface experience and engagement with contractors and subcontractors.
  • Extensive and comprehensive experience in a Major Railway Project environment.
  • Proven track record at management level within an operational organisation.
  • Excellent organisation skills.
  • Ability to negotiate with and influence stakeholders.
  • Must be a highly skilled communicator and able to build rapport easily.
  • Capable of working independently.



  • Membership of Chartered Institute of Transport or Institute of Railway Operators (desirable).


Essential Company Requirements

  • Ethics: Commitment to BACS Ethical standards as demonstrated by success on prior projects.
  • Quality: Commitment to BACS Quality standard as demonstrated by prior Supervisors’ evaluations of work performance. ES&H: Demonstrated commitment to BACS Zero Incident philosophy by prior active engagement and demonstration of ES&H Leadership.
  • Leadership: Demonstrated ability to develop and coach effective teams to achieve the deliverables and objectives for the BACS project.
  • Respect: Personally committed to respectful behaviors, building the same attitudes within the project personnel; the focus of which is treat people with respect and dignity, listen actively; communicate in a timely and forthright manner and never undermining colleagues.