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Mainline Operator & Depot Control Operator

Requisition ID:  214945

  • Relocation Authorized:  International - Single
  • Project No.:  25826
  • Grade:  24
  • Position to be Panel Interviewed?  No 

Initially on Line 2 and as part of the BACS Temporary Operations Team (TOT), the Main Line Operator & Depot Controller (MLO & DCO) performs an essential safety critical role on the Main Line and within the Depot track areas.


The Role



Under the Instruction of the TOT Route Movement Controller the MLO& DCO ensures safe route readiness by ensuring concordance between route setting conditions onsite and those requested by the Route Movement Controller for safe train movement during the interim period before full Train Control and full signalling systems functionality.

Amongst multiple track based tasks the MLO/DCO will ensure turnouts are set and locked in the correct position, assist with track readiness checks, placing of  the signaling test block related limit markers and fences for the Test Area or removal of such local set-up conditions at the end of testing.

At all other times the MLO/DCO supports as per the daily requirements of the TOT Route Movement Controller.



Working hours


The scope of work of the MLO/DCO’s will require flexibility to work both day and night shifts of varied durations matching testing and construction access requirements.


Shift times and duration will vary depending on operational requirements but will generally be of minimum 8 hours and maximum 12 hours.



MLO/DCO Trainer & Mentoring functions


Flexibility is essential and experienced  candidates may also be asked to provide Training and /or other operational support within the Temporary Operations team as requirements dictate.



BACS Temporary Operations Team MLO & DCO ‘s  will report to the BACS Temporary Operations Manager (TOM) however MLO & DCO’s  will interface and take instruction from the Route Movement Controller (RMC) who is responsible for the coordination of all track activities in real time.



Both external and internal candidates will be considered if they can demonstrate inter-changeable track based relevant skills, inter-changeable relevant specialist track based knowledge and demonstrate the motivation to undertake such an important safety critical role.


Bechtel’s internal staffing policy includes the minimum time that you need to be in your current position before applying to a new position.  Please refer to the applicable policy manual and ensure you meet the minimum requirements.