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Senior Cognizant Systems Engineer, BGCAPP (219437)


  • Requisition ID:  219437
  • Position Title: Senior Cognizant Systems Engineer, BGCAPP (219437)
  • Project:  Blue Grass
  • Location:  Madison Co, KY
  • Relocation Authorized:  National - Family
  • Position to be Panel Interviewed?  No  
  • Must be a US citizen.
  • Other Requirements: All employees are subject and agree to random drug and alcohol testing as a condition of employment and successfully go through a government screening process. Unescorted access required.  Candidate must successfully clear government background check.  Must be able to work safely at Plant site location. Based on project goals and objectives, candidates established within our local community are desirable.



BGCAPP is subject to Army Regulations (AR50-6 Chemical Surety Program and BGCA Policy 28 Unescorted Access Program) which govern persons performing work under the Chemical Personnel Reliability Program (CPRP) and Unescorted Access Program (UAP).  Eligibility to be placed in a CPRP or UAP position requires US citizenship. Employees must favorably complete a series of government background screenings to include but not limited to: a National Agency Check with Local Agency Check and Credit Check (NACLC) security investigation, drug/alcohol testing and medical examination.


BGCAPP operates on a 24/7 schedule.  This position may be required to work a schedule of rotating shifts including nights, weekends or holidays. All employees are subject to and agree to random drug and alcohol testing as a condition of continued employment for the duration of their assignment. Respiratory screening and the ability to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) may be required for this position. The ability to obtain/maintain access to the Blue Grass Army Depot is required.


This is a long-term position.  The BGCAPP project is currently on a 4/10’s work schedule  (10 hours per day Monday - Thursday) 0600-16:30 hours.


Role Overview


The purpose of the Cognizant System Engineer (CSE) program, at the Bluegrass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (BGAPP), is to ensure the continued operational readiness of the systems within its scope. One of the primary aspects of the CSE program is the designation of CSEs who are responsible for:

  • Maintaining overall knowledge and awareness of assigned systems
  • Providing systems engineering support for operations and maintenance
  • Technical support for ensuring continued system operational readiness


For each BGAPP system, the designated CSE will be the “System Owner". The responsibility of the CSE is to provide technical expertise and direction on a particular system to ensure the safe, efficient, and reliable performance of plant systems and components within the design and within environmental requirements, applicable codes and standards, approved procedures, and BGAPP policy. The CSEs have the primary responsibility to achieve resolution of technical issues and provide direction regarding their assigned system(s), utilizing Engineering Staff “discipline” expertise when required.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:


The successful candidates will be expected to perform the following duties of this position, but are not necessarily limited to:


1. Configuration Management:

  • Understand system design and operation, including conformance to environmental, safety, and health requirements
  • Modification definition and control
  • Engineered equivalency analysis
  • Monitor all capital improvement projects and recommend training programs as per requirement.
  • Monitor assigned systems and develop system status reports
  • System design documents and supporting documents must be identified and kept current using formal change control and work control processes
  • Demonstrate understanding of the following processes:
    • Maintenance Management
    • Work Control
    • Change Control
    • Document Control
    • Drawing Control
    • Conduct of Operations
    • Agent Safety
    • Limiting Conditions of Operations (LCOs)
    • Procurement, replacement, and related quality assurance requirements.
    • Working knowledge of the plant’s operation.
    • Vendor recommendations, manuals, and any product warnings.
  • Lead resolution of design issues necessary to support plant operations and/or maintenance
  • Review Project design and other documents for operations, maintenance, and testing impacts and provide alternative solutions for problems
  • Review and concur with design changes, use-as-is, and equivalency determinations.
  • Provide technical assistance in support of line management safety responsibilities and ensure continued system operational readiness
  • Ensure that system configuration is being managed effectively
  • Developing and maintaining expert knowledge of system(s), which encompasses:
    • Performance and Throughput
    • Flow paths
    • Operating parameters (e.g., pressure, flow, temperature).
    • Control logic and Components (hardware).
    • Resource and Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) and requirements.
    • Providing resolution of technical issues on a “system engineering” basis, utilizing Engineering staff discipline expertise, technology, or outside services, as required, in accordance with plant procedures.
  • Answering system(s) Nonconformance Reports.
  • Developing contractual requirements for service support.
  • Interface with subcontractors, vendors, and project support groups
  • Supporting permit modifications by attending any meetings and providing field walk downs, as required, with State of Kentucky representatives.


2. Operations and Maintenance Support:

  • Maintain overall cognizance of the system and be responsible for system engineering support for operations and maintenance
  • Monitoring, tracking, and trending performance of assigned systems
  • Define maintenance requirements and programs in order to reduce downtime, in coordination with maintenance staff
  • Troubleshooting; root cause analysis
  • Recommend improvements to existing systems.
  • Analyze all equipment requirements and assist in requisition of tools and equipment.
  • Maintain and review daily logs and assist to resolve all issues and provide support to engineering activities
  • Review and recommend improvements to SOP and facility/system related procedures and perform troubleshooting on plant activities and resolve issues and assist maintenance/operations personnel to implement  changes.
  • Remain apprised of operational status and ongoing modification activities
  • Evaluate all production activities and prepare reports for all activities and inspect all associate plant machines and equipment.
  • System assessments (configuration, performance with respect to criteria) to include periodic reviews of system operability, reliability, and material condition to assess the system for the ability to perform design and safety functions and physical configuration as compared to system documentation.
  • Initiate actions to correct problems
  • Remain cognizant of system-specific maintenance and operations history and industry operating experience, as well as manufacturer and vendor recommendations and any product warnings regarding their assigned systems
  • Provide assistance in determining operability, correcting out-of-specification conditions, and evaluating questionable data.
  • Support field work in assigned areas, including integration of project activities, repairs, and equipment operations activities
  • Reviewing the Control Room logs and discussing the operation of the equipment, as appropriate, with operators to address any operations issues.
  • Providing technical support to Operations for their assigned system, which includes:
  • Ensuring that any changes to operating procedures are reviewed for technical correctness.
  • Recommending operation changes to improve reliability, safety, and plant equipment use where economically beneficial.
  • Providing technical advice to Operations to ensure their understanding of the need for operational requirements, as specified.
  • Supporting Operations personnel technical training on the assigned system(s).
  • Preparing for and supporting Operational Readiness Reviews (ORRs) and other testing activities.
  • Providing technical direction to Maintenance.
  • Performing agent operating area entries to evaluate equipment condition, performance, or needed repair.
  • Implementing corrections through writing Maintenance Work Orders.
  • Developing and reviewing purchase requisitions for replacement and spare parts.
  • Assisting Maintenance in planning critical, unusual, or major maintenance activities.
  • Developing Preventative Maintenance (PMs) procedures.
  • Recommending changes in maintenance procedures based upon engineering evaluations of the trends observed.
  • Reviewing calibration procedures and records.
  • Conducting investigations during upset conditions.
  • Conducting long-range preparation and planning for future campaigns, and reviewing identified campaigns for schedule improvements.
  • Remaining immediately available for consultation with Operations, should the need arise, including around-the-clock support, as required.
  • Providing support during Toxic entries to maintenance personnel
  • Preparing contract Scopes of Work (SOW) as required, which includes:
    • Generating a detailed SOW and submitting it for field and document review and update, as required.
    • Completing the supplier data schedule.
    • Attending pre-bid meetings and job-site visits, answering bidder questions, locating additional documentation needed to substantiate and answer bidder questions.
    • Interfacing with the subcontractor, attending in-progress review meetings, and providing additional information to the subcontractor, as required.
    • Performing final walk downs.
    • Coordinating with Operations, Maintenance, and the contractor on scheduling installation activities.
    • Overseeing installation activities and providing direction for resolving problems with the plant and the contractor.
    • Coordinating and ensuring that all contract questions and needs identified within the contract are met.
    • Providing interface with escorts and the contractor.
  • Reviewing and approving submittals/material from subcontractors for accuracy.


3. CSE Training and Qualification:

  • Complete required training and maintain qualifications associated with assignments.
  • The basic CSE qualification level includes prerequisite education and experience, training, familiarization with the BGAPP design, permitting and operational plans, and knowledge of processes and procedures applicable to CSE duties. Required reading is an important part of this qualification program and numerous required readings must be completed before satisfying the job requirements. The reading topics may not all be the same for all CSE qualification packages and are at the discretion of the Engineering Manager. Final evaluation of the CSE will be done in an oral interview/board.
  • In addition to the basic CSE qualification level, BGAPP CSEs will be assigned one or more facility systems for specific qualification. For system-specific requirements, the CSE must demonstrate detailed system‑specific knowledge including key technical requirements, design basis information, and system interfaces, and demonstrate an understanding of specific Safety and Regulatory assumptions/implications for operation of the system. Final evaluation will be done by oral interview assessment, system walk-down or a combination of the two.
  • A CSE is fully qualified for his/her system when he/she has obtained the basic and system-specific qualifications.


Basic Job Qualifications:

  • BS degree in an engineering or a related scientific discipline with at least 9 years of relevant work experience; in lieu of a degree, a high school diploma or equivvalent and a minimum of 15 years of relevant work experience.
  • Must be a United States citizen.
  • Must be able to obtain a site security badge.
  • Must be physically fit and able to work safely at a construction site.


Minimum Job Qualifications:

  • Instrumentation design, implementation, startup, or troubleshooting experience.
  • Knowledge of industry, and regulatory guides, codes, and standards.
  • Skill In oral and written communication.
  • Demonstrated expertise in system management


Preferred Job Qualifications

  • Preferred job qualifications include a background in Mechanical, Process, or Instrumentation and Controls Engineering.


This project is subject to the Army Regulations (AR50-6 Chemical Surety) which governs persons performing work under the Chemical Personnel Reliability Program (CPRP) and Unescorted Access Program (UAP). Depending on the work performed and the access granted a government security investigation and other physical requirements such as respirators may be mandated. Eligibility to be placed in a CPRP or UAP position requires US citizenship.

The following Surety Program marked with an “x” apply to this job:

            None / No Program

_____ This position is designated as a Chemical Duty Position and is subject to the requirements of the Chemical Personnel Reliability Program (CPRP). As a condition of employment, candidates and incumbents must favorably complete a series of screenings included but not limited to: a personnel security investigation, urinalysis testing, medical exam and respiratory screening, and must meet and maintain personnel suitability and reliability requirements established by Army Regulations.

    X    This position is designated as an Unescorted Access Position (UAP). As a condition of employment, candidates and incumbents must favorably complete a series of screenings included but not limited to: a personnel security investigation, urinalysis testing, respiratory screening and must meet and maintain personnel suitability and reliability requirements established by Army Regulations.



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