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Startup Mechanical Engineer/Area Lead

Requisition ID:  214849

  • Relocation Authorized:  National - Family
  • Project No.:  25873
  • Grade:  27
  • Position to be Panel Interviewed?  Yes 

Basic Qualifications:

Bachelor degree in Engineering; or equivalent related work experience. Prior experience in Pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup of industrial systems/facilities

Prior Mechanical management experience on large or complex projects across multiple GBUs

Prior experience planning work execution on large or complex projects

Prior plant maintenance program experience

Prior petrochemical or power plant startup and maintenance experience


Prior experience with polymers plants


Position Duties/Responsibilities (This section describes in more detail the functions of this specific position.  Indicate any skills not available in the SAP Skills Catalog along with the appropriate proficiency levels)


  • Complies with Bechtel’s and Client ES&H and Quality initiatives, always aiming for Zero Accidents and Zero Significant Quality Incidents.
  • Plans, develops, coordinates, and directs Precommissioning activities within the assigned areas of the project.
  • Participates in pre-commissioning forecasting and preparation activities as required.
  • Provides Inputs to project management, engineering, and construction to ensure pre-commissioning requirements are incorporated into project activities, including review of project designs and construction to ensure future’s plant operability and operating personnel safety.
  • Prepares and submits for approval key Precommissioning procedures, and schedules specific activities on the project.
  • Ensures that work being performed is within scope of services and within budget.
  • Coordinates with vendors’ specific requirements for Precommissioning activities at site.
  • Ultimately, The Pre-commissioning Mechanical Engineer is accountable for the successful execution and timely achievement of delivery of assigned systems as Ready for Commissioning (RFC).
  • If required by client, provides commissioning & startup supervision or assistance at the jobsite.
  • Works with client representatives throughout the project.
  • Assignment will be field based in Pennsylvania. 
  • Assignment is estimated 2 years at Pennsylvania Chemicals Project in Monaca PA


Position Skills (This section further defines the position by listing key skills and experience. Proficiency levels range from lowest to highest: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert)

Skill Group/ Skill


Proficiency Level

1. Environmental, Safety & Health
 - Ø Managing Environmental,Safety,& Health -                                                             Advanced
Function/Work Specialty Experience
 - Ø Startup Experience - 5+ years
General (Startup Skills)
 - Ø Turnover & Completion -                                                                                          Advanced
 - Ø Field Document Control -                                                                                         Advanced
 - Ø Plant Maintenance -                                                                                               Intermediate
 - Ø Subcontractor Management -                                                                                  Advanced
Startup Cost & Schedule Controls
 - Ø Backcharges -                                                                                                        Intermediate
 - Ø Startup Schedules -                                                                                               Intermediate

 - Ø Field Distributes - Equip, Tools, Consumables -                                                     Advanced
Startup Management Skills
 - Ø Field Non-Manual Supervision -                                                                              Advanced
 - Ø Craft Supervision -                                                                                                  Intermediate
 - Ø Execution Planning -                                                                                              Intermediate
Startup Training
 - Ø Startup Training Coordination -                                                                              NA


Bechtel’s internal staffing policy includes the minimum time that you need to be in your current position before applying to a new position.  Please refer to the applicable policy manual and ensure you meet the minimum requirements.