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Marine Works Supervision


Requisition ID:  231531

  • Organization:  M&M
  • Location:  Los Vilos, CL 


Job Overview:

The Senior ESH Specialist supports the implementation of ESH management programs, systems and processes; provides the technical oversight of the environment, safety and health activities; and provides the overall support for a specific area to be successful in controlling the risk of harm to people, property and the environment.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Actively supports area leaders in the implementation of the ESH program
  • Monitors the implementation of the ESH program and reports successes and areas of improvement
  • Liaises and openly communicates with area leaders and the GBU ESH Manager on area status and needs
  • Identifies best practices for implementation
  • Maintains a working relationship with client representatives, leaders and other ESH team members
  • Participates in area leader meetings to identify and report on ESH requirements
  • Acts as the lead investigator for any significant incident in their area
  • Supervises and maintains a team that provides in-field ESH support to all construction areas
  • Identifies activities that directly reduce risk
  • Acts as the lead investigator for any significant incident in the field



Essential Skills:

  • Professional skill set to deliver quality outputs of an ESH program
  • High level of written and verbal communication
  • Attributes that openly display ESH as a personal value
  • Ability to prioritise tasks to meet deadlines, targets and objectives


The applicants must have knowledge and experience in the supervision of diving operation, national and international regulation of marine works.

Requisition ID:  231531 

  • Organization:  M&M
  • Location:  Los Vilos, CL 
  • Grade:  25
  • Project: 26148 - MLP INCO EPC